...and welcome to my website.

My name is Charlie Wilber. I am a 23 year old Junior UI Web Designer at SportsDirect.com (I also like to take on free-lance projects on the side). I am a graduate in Graphic Communication & Design who originates from the centre of the UK, Derbyshire. I completed my study at the University of Sunderland further up North.

I am currently taking up residence in Derbyshire.

I love to...

...design bespoke websites and graphics.

Websites, Graphics and any other form of Digital Design are an important business asset as they are responsible for giving you an online presence - that’s why it is essential for them to be top-notch. I love to design pixel perfect websites and and bring them to life by fueling them with cool features. I also like to design revolutionary graphics that are both print and screen ready. I do this from scratch using industrial standard software and seven years of self-taught web programming knowledge. This ensures every single one is unique for my clients.

My past work...

...fully functional websites and print-ready graphics.

I take great pride in my work, so please do not break anything. Here is a selection of my projects that I have created or contributed to throughout my seven years in the work field. Click the button to find out more information about them. For more of my work and information about me, check out my Behance and LinkedIn Profile.

Just Jigsaws

Just Jigsaws required a website that allowed potential customers to discover their company and their wide range of products online. They also needed to provide an easy way for them to get in touch.

Using various web programming languages such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP, all coded to work alongside with MySQL, I was able to deliver just that. Just Jigsaws now have a bespoke website design that allows users to easily find out the information they need throughout numerous pages. With quick use of their built in search engine, they can quickly find the products they desire.

A contact form is also available on the website to allow clients to easily get in touch with Just Jigsaws effortlessly and securely. I worked as quickly and efficiently as I could to deliver the product to them, presenting each design, modification and stage to them to ensure the website was truly theirs - something I plan to do with all my future projects. This has probably been my biggest project to date!

What Just Jigsaws think..

My son John, who now works in the business, attended the same school as Charlie and recommended him highly.

I found Charlie to be mature beyond his years and very efficient. I have had experience with web designers before and I can say without hesitation he is the best by far that I have dealt with.

I explained how I wanted the site to look and Charlie produced to the requirements requested. If I thought my ideas did not look right, the necessary changes were made without fuss and quickly.

I have every confidence in him and would recommend Charlie to anyone wishing to have a web site built. I pushed his abilities at times and he rose to the occasion on each challenge, attaining the desired results.

Easy to deal with, prompt, versatile, good value and has a quiet confidence that put me at ease."

Tony Trowsdale

Director - Just Jigsaws

Live demo: JustJigsaws.co.uk

King of Kebabs

I was approached by a friend to assist the development and design of this website and split the work 50/50. I took the roll of managing the menu and contact page.

Using HTML, CSS, PHP and Javascript, I delivered a menu page that was easily accessible and clear, displaying all the products they sold in their store. I also delivered a contact page that offered a quick and secure way for customers to get in touch with them.

Live demo: Not Available.

Deincourt Hotel

For my work experiance I worked as an assistant Website Designer at Slimming World for one week back in 2012. Not only did the designers work for Slimming World, but they also did jobs on the side for their friends, or friends of the company director.

I was tasked to design a website for Deincourt Hotel, which is part of Best Western Hotels. Unfortunately, I only had enough time to create a design and wasn't able to take it further into development.

Using Adobe Photoshop and a little bit of Illustrator, I designed a website that captured the hotel feel, with tiny but effective branding elements and a house style that captured what they're all about, how they operate and what their clients have to say about them.

What Slimming World think..

"Overall the design is very appropriate for a Hotel website; the colours are warm and the layout is clear. I immediately know it’s a website for a hotel (an achievement that is less common than you’d think).

The navigation is clear and prominent and the colours are warm and friendly, which I think helps sell the idea of a classy hotel. The design for the quotes on the internal page is a very nice touch and is very effective at drawing attention.

I think we definitely need more professional imagery and make better use of the space (I know you could only work with what you had though). That would help give users a quick feeling of what the hotel offers.

This is a great design that needs just a bit more refinement. I could very easily see this being the basis for the final website, it’s a shame you weren’t with us for longer so you’d have the time to fully realise it."

Chris Taylor

Front-End Web Developer - Slimming World

Live demo: Not Available.

Get in Touch

Whether you want to hire me for something or just fancy a chat - don’t hesitate to get in touch with me. I will give any advice or quotes you require and answer whatever questions you have at no charge. Simply fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.